ESIC Announces Introduction of Talent Agent Regulations

15.3. 2020Tomáš Klečka

In response to strong feedback from industry stakeholders, the Esports Integrity Commission has commenced an initiative which will see a global regulatory scheme introduced to talent agents. The overarching purpose of the scheme is to ensure youth protection and professional integrity in the administration of talent agent operations.

In order to be commercially sensitive to existing stakeholders in the talent agent space, ESIC has convened a subcommittee of key talent agents which will provide recommendations to the Commissioner about the features which the industry considers necessary to best represent a credible, reliable and beneficial certification scheme for the esports industry internationally. These recommendations will inform the Commissioner’s publication of the scheme.

Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships said: “Consistent and proportional regulatory frameworks in high risk areas are an important component of the longevity of the esports industry. This is particularly the case in the talent agency role, where agents are often dealing with young people and their careers. ESIC has taken an ‘industry led’ approach to the procurement of a first scheme of regulation, by convening a subcommittee to inform the scheme. We hope that, at the conclusion of this exercise, we will have a scheme which will instill confidence in talent agents enrolled in the scheme while also reducing overall risk associated with talent agency operation.”

To date, ESIC has accepted several talent agencies from around the globe into the subcommittee. Over the coming months, subcommittee members will commence providing recommendations to the Commissioner on what they believe comprises essential elements of an effective scheme.